On Running Blogs

This evening I went ahead and signed up for this website and a domain name. That means that tomorrow I will be online. The site will still be under construction and I'll work around it. I just need some sort of sign hanging off of it like "pardon my dust." Although the site is technically launched now, I don't imagine anyone will know about it and so, for the near future, it will remain anonymous. If you find it, then congratulate yourself on your sleuthing skills or on your luck (be it good or bad).

In starting out this blog, I went back to the last time that I kept a blog. Back in the days where I ran competitively, I kept a blog first here then here for about seven years. I started that blog because it bothered me how I forgot most of my workouts when many of them were wonderful experiences, either due to the running itself, the places I ran through, or the company I was with. I looked through some of the entries earlier, and sure enough, reading them gave me a feeling of reading about someone else's workouts. But I also found that I still liked these posts.

At one point, after I stopped blogging (age and injury slowed me down and I stopped writing up my runs), I downloaded all of those posts and wanted to make a book of them. I figured that I had written a book already in those entries, I might as well shape them and get it bound. I spent some time on this but then dropped it. I still have the material, I may still get to it. But in no time soon.

I don't see this blog as a continuation of my running blog. That blog documented a time and a particular activity. Here I want to riff more. Explore different things and use it, eventually, as a means to engage with people who have like-minded interests. Running has an arc to it, day in and day out one run builds on the last. Here the posts will be more freestanding. They will explore and go farther afield into a variety of stuff that I do. Or maybe it won't. Stay tuned.

Stephen Metraux