I have a long career of doing applied research that has focused on homelessness and housing. From there, my work has extended to institutions that intersect with homelessness, such as the military, jails and prisons, and child welfare. Additionally, I've researched health issues that are prevalent among homeless populations such as mental illness and HIV/AIDS. My research has appeared in a wide range of peer-reviewed publications, including JAMA, the American Journal of Public Health, and Social Service Review.

In August, I will start a Associate Professor position at the University of Delaware's School of Public Policy & Administration, and will be Interim Director of SPPA's Center for Community Research & Service.

Taking this job means I moved on from a year spent in a 5/8ths-time position as an Analyst at the National Center for Homelessness Among Veterans at the US Department of Veterans Affairs, and taking on freelance jobs working with local jurisdictions and non-profits on data-informed approaches to improving policy and services related to homelessness (see the consulting section for more info). This came at the heels of leaving an Associate Professor of Health Policy position at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

In my 14 years in academia, I have also had the privilege to teach a variety of policy and sociology courses, mostly on the graduate level. In addition, I have advised and mentored numerous students on PhD dissertations and other research. I have also worked with Temple University's Inside Out program in teaching criminal justice courses in Philadelphia jails.

I have a PhD in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA in Urban Studies from the University of Texas at Arlington. Prior to coming to Philadelphia, I did casework and advocacy around homelessness in San Antonio and Fort Worth, Texas.