Introductory Post

Welcome to my blog. This being my first entry, I’m assuming that it will be at the bottom of the list of entries and will thus be positioned to be the least accessed. I’ll take advantage of this and experiment a little bit.

I’m at the beginning of building a website for myself and feel as though I’m stumbling through it. I’m okay with that, as there is currently no urgency and doing something like this eats up a ton of time. I spent a good 45 minutes just designing a basic landing page with a picture and some bio text. I figured out what I wanted to do there for the night, and now I’m taking a couple of minutes with this.

My ideal blog will be like a workshop. I will use it professionally to mainly riff on stuff that I am currently working on. If I’m reading a book or an article, I’ll review that. If I am focusing on a particular topic while writing something, I’ll write a short piece just focusing on that. It will put out there whatever my current focus is. I’d also like to use that to engage with like-minded folks who are out there. Ideally, this content will help me be a part of a community, where I can contribute as well as engage with others and what they are working on. I only have a vague idea on how to do this, and after I’m done building a website that is what I expect I’ll move on to.

Finally, this blog will be instrumental in keeping the website dynamic. I see the website as my virtual face to the world, those who come looking for what I research, or who I am. It’s nothing fancy, a picture and a bio for an introduction, my CV, things that I’ve written, and other professional information. Pretty static stuff to be updated when needed. This will be the one place where people can return to and find new content, and up to the minute stuff. Or so I’d like to think.

I want to keep these entries short, so now I’ll go on to put this content into the actual blog entry. If you are reading this, then I will have been successful.

Stephen Metraux