Cityscape Article on Homelessness & Employment

Getting articles published in the academic peer review press is often more an act of endurance than it is brilliance. Our piece (me, with Jamison Fargo, Nick Eng & Dennis Culhane) on wages and work among a large sheltered population finally made it to press yesterday in the HUD journal Cityscape after rejections in two other journals and what amounts to four or five years between first writing and now. I feel strongly that its a well-done and important paper, but the fit to a particular journal was difficult and there was what I consider to be some editorial mishandling along the way. But we kept revising and resubmitting, and now the paper is an article.

Read the article here. In contrast to the editors of the previous journals, Mark Shroder at Cityscape was most helpful in believing in this article and working with us to get it done. I have written about it in an earlier blog post, and instead of again summarizing it I'll paste the first thread I ever wrote on Twitter. It was a fun exercise to cut this long article down to a series of sentences that seeks to keep a reader engaged. Check it out, and feel free to join my modest group of followers...

Stephen Metraux