Just checking in. Haven't gotten to updating this in awhile, things have been busy.

Just spent some time cleaning up the blog and doing some routine maintenance. This means updating the bio and the CV, adding some writing, and vowing to spend more time on this (we'll see how that goes). Last thing on the blog to-do list is to give a quick summary of what I've been up to.

The big news is that I've now relapsed into academia. I took a faculty position at the University of Delaware's School of Public Policy & Administration, and will also be Interim Director of SPPA's Center for Community Research & Service. The Center's focus is on housing, public health and community development that match my interests and experience, and my soon-to-be colleagues have been nothing but supportive so far. I'm looking forward to starting on August 1.

Moving on to Delaware means that I have left my position at the VA. I'll miss my colleagues there and the work I was involved with related to veteran homelessness. I will take one project with me, and I hope to retain an affiliation with the VA, especially as my former boss there now directs the Wilmington VA Medical Center.

This transition leaves me unemployed for July. I'm taking this time to wrap up a few projects I'm involved with, and I'm also immersed in an evaluation project where me and some colleagues assess the City of Philadelphia's efforts to clear two homeless encampments and place people from the camps to housing and treatment. I hope to write more on this project soon.

Check back, I'll write more soon. Promise.

Stephen Metraux