Homelessness Risk among Post-9/11 Era Veterans

Finally. It is finished.

I, with my buddy Tyson Smith, have written a piece on homelessness among post-9/11 era veterans. It will come out later this year as a book chapter in Jack Tsai's (editor) Homelessness Among U.S. Veterans: Critical Perspectives (New York: Oxford University Press). So consider the linked pdf an advance copy.

It is, I daresay, the most comprehensive account of homelessness and its precursors among the most recent cohort (generation?) of veterans, which includes the veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. In fact, I believe that it is the ONLY review on this topic. As such we wanted to get it right.

Thus we spent much more time than anticipated reviewing literature on related topics, weighing research against media accounts, and putting a bunch of pieces together for a clear and accurate picture of this topic. Homelessness among these younger veterans is surrounded by many beliefs and relatively little research, and we look to get these two perspectives talking to each other.

Hopefully this piece is worthy of the topic in that it will help inform efforts to remediate this problem and thereby help get veterans off of the streets. Hopefully it is also written so that it will engage an audience that extends beyond researchers, as this topic has been of general concern and we'd like this piece to be part of that broader dialogue.

Please do take a look at it, pass it around if you think it worthy, and I'd appreciate you emailing me feedback (good, bad and constructive) if you do read it.

Stephen Metraux