Almost all of my peer review publications can be downloaded as pdf's from

Recent writing (and older stuff that didn't make the bepress site) includes:

July 2018 - An Evaluation of the City of Philadelphia’s Kensington Encampment Resolution Pilot. The initial report of an evaluation of a City initiative to clear two homeless encampments and provide housing and treatment services to those who were displaced by these actions. Written with Meagan Cusack, Fritz Graham, Dave Metzger and Dennis Culhane.

March 2018 - Employment and Earnings Trajectories over Two Decades among Adults in New York City Homeless Shelters. A paper that is "in press" at the journal Cityscape and is due to come out this summer. Written with Jamison Fargo, Nick Eng, and Dennis Culhane. UPDATE: Article is out and can be accessed here.

January 2018 - Homelessness Risk among Post-9/11 Era Veterans. A comprehensive look at homelessness among the most recent cohort of veterans (including those deployed in Iran and Afghanistan) written by myself and Tyson Smith. It will come out later this year as a book chapter in Jack Tsai's (editor) Homelessness Among U.S. Veterans: Critical
(New York: Oxford University Press).

November 2017 - Rural Homelessness among Veterans-What do we know? A policy brief by me and Dorota Szymkowiak that was released by the VA's National Center for Homelessness Among Veterans.

September 2017 - The Canned Heat Wave: 31 Deaths and the Rediscovery of Skid Row. My third Hidden City Philadelphia piece dealing with Philadelphia Skid Row.

July 2017 - Barroom Brawl: Skid Row and Chinatown on 9th Street in Philadelphia. My second piece to appear on the website Hidden City Philadelphia, this article chronicles the struggle between a dying Skid Row and a rising Chinatown over relocating a bar.

June 2017 - Using Administrative Data for Research on Homelessness: Applying a US framework to Australia (with Yi-Ping Tseng). Published in the Australian Economic Review. The result of three weeks I spent last summer in Melbourne.

May 2017 - Pathways Into Homelessness Among Post-9/11-Era Veterans (with Meagan Cusack, Tom Byrne, Nora Hunt-Johnson and Gala True). Published in Psychological Services. First qualitative interview piece I've ever gotten published.

April 2017 - Digging Up Vine Street In Search Of Old Skid Row. An article published in Hidden City Philadelphia (view here). Download pdf version of the article, with illustrations.

April 2017 - Homelessness and Housing Need among People Living with HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia.  This is a report I wrote for the Division of Housing and Community Development of the City of Philadelphia. PDF is available from their website.  

March 2017 - Homelessness Following Disability-Related Discharges from Active Duty Military Service in Afghanistan and Iraq (Jamison Fargo, lead author). Published online ahead of print in Disability & Health Journal (doi:10.1016/j.dhjo.2017.03.003).

March 2017 - Commentary: Embracing a replacement for Obamacare will require compromise on all sides. My take on the efforts to pass post-ACA healthcare reform, done for's Checkup blog. 

February 2017 - Book review of Didier Fassin's At the Heart of the State: The Moral World of Institutions that I wrote for the American Ethnologist. Available here.

December 2016 - Book review of Craig Willse's The Value of Homelessness for the European Journal of Homelessness. Available here

January 2, 2012 - Op-Ed column in LA Times (with Tom Byrne and Dennis Culhane) titled "Helping LA's Foster Kids Grow Up".